Try Some Cevapi

As far as food from the Balkans goes, it doesn’t get more typical than ćevapi, which is also known as ćevapčići other neighboring/nearby countries. These meat dishes are found literally all over the region, from Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina to Serbia and Albania. Cevapi is a type of skinless sausage, a mix of ground pork and beef with a bunch of spices. It’s grilled and served with vegetables, in a pita and/or with fries. If you’re not a vegetarian, this is a traditional Montenegrin and Balkan food you simply have to try during your Montenegro trip.

Taste Test The Local Variety Of Rakija

In the Balkans, Rakija is a local favorite anywhere you go. And in each area you travel throughout the Balkans, each country has its own local take on this Balkans specialty. Rakija is an alcoholic beverage made of different spirits and fruitful flavors. Each country you visit will take claim to the best Rakija, but really it comes down to your taste.

In Montenegro, it is very widely considered the national drink and said to instantly destroy bacteria build-up in your stomach and relieve you of stomach and muscle pain. Needless to say, they love drinking it. Almost in all cases when invited into a local’s home, they will insist you share a drink with them. The local variety primarily is centered around Loza (or grapes).

See Why Montenegrin People Are So Prideful Of Their Wine

Even more so than Rakija, locals will boast about some of the best wine in the world. From their innovative vranac wine to locally produced classic wines such as merlots and chardonnays, Montenegro people take their wine scene seriously.

With great vineyards all over the country, there seems to be a sophisticated and original selection of wines wherever you are. You are almost obliged to take at least one wine tasting tour while in the country. My favorite while tasting was the Krstač variety.

Most tours you can go on will provide you with knowledge on the harvesting process, regional background, and even a history of the local family who owns the vineyard and winery. It is an all-around educational experience with some absolutely delightful surprises for your taste buds. Wine lovers rejoice!

Wine Tasting Fun

Cemovsko Field is the largest vineyard you will find situated on just one field in Europe, and is 2310 hectares – that’s a lot of wine to be produced! You can visit and take a tour of the estate, learning how wine is made, while also trying a few varieties out for yourself, such as the award-winning Sauvignon and several types of Vranac.