Hike To The Highest View In Montenegro (Bobotov Kuk)

There are so many great hikes and views in Montenegro but especially in Durmitor National Park. But, perhaps, none are more rewarding than the hike to Bobotov Kuk – the highest point in the whole country.

Despite the relatively short hike it takes to get to Bobotov Kuk and the view of the country below that it offers, this trail is quiet and not often visited by tourists. Standing at just over 2,500 meters tall, there are certainly more towering peaks in Europe, however, when it comes to dramatic views, Bobotov Kuk is one that nears the top of the list. With green valleys below, you will be able to see for miles and miles.

Make sure you add a note in the guestbook sitting in the metal box at the top so you can be known as one of the brave ones who did the challenging climb to the top of the country.

Hike The Mountains To Gornja Lastva

A beautiful and scenic walk reaches the medieval village of Gornja Lastva up a mountain, but don’t let the word ‘mountain’ put you off!

Take your time and wear the right shoes, and you will be fine. This region is fantastic for showing visitors the real way of life in Montenegro, away from tourists and large cities.

Rock Climbing At Mt. Komovi

Eastern Montenegro is home to the vast Mt Komovi, almost reaching the border with Albania. Experienced climbers can head here and climb this mass, with stunning views as you go. The various wildlife and flora and fauna is impressive; however, do be aware that this is generally a winter activity, with several routes to follow.

Rock Climbing Closer To The Capital

Kucke Planine is a series of mountains which are north-east of the capital and is a popular way to spend a few days out of the city as a break. The highest peak, Surdup Peak, is the big hitter. There are several slightly smaller ones which are fantastic for climbing, with two lakes, Bukumirsko Lake and Rikavacko Lake to visit as well.

Bungee Jump From The Đurđevića Tara Bridge

The concrete 365-meter-long Đurđevića Tara Bridge spans the Tara River in northern Montenegro. Consisting of five arches, it towers 172 meters above the river below, at the time it was completed the largest concrete vehicle bridge in Europe. Nowadays, it’s a popular destination for thrill-seekers as its longest arch, which is directly above the Tara River, is a popular bungee jumping spot.

Canyoning In Nevidio Canyon

This is for experienced canyoners only. However, the rewards are great and the scenery stunning. Located in the southern portion of the Durmitor Mountains, the peaks undulate, before turning into a river and peaceful valley. This is one of the hardest canyons to pass on the continent, but many tours do head into this area nowadays.

See The River Cijevna Waterfall

Just ten minutes by car away from Podgorica is the country’s version of the mighty Niagara Falls, and equally as impressive. It’s a great fishing spot as well as being ideal for nature walks. If you fancy a spot of refreshment, there is a restaurant, named Niagara, on the river too.

Explore The Medieval Trade Routes Of Rijeka Crnojevica

Many of the old trade routes still exist, and they are a great way to explore Montenegro, with bridges, fortresses and natural wonders to take in as you walk the old routes. If you want to combine history and nature, this is the ideal place.

Hiking In The North

From Kotor, you can follow a marked hiking trail which will take you through some breathtaking landscapes, through forests, past waterfalls, mountains, and small villages as you go. You can swim along the way, stop off for a refreshment in the small mountain villages, and look over Kotor and its history.

Nature Walking In Durmitor National Park

In the north of the country, high up in the mountains, you can walk slowly and leisurely within this beautiful national park, which is UNESCO protected. You will pass the aforementioned Tara River Canyon, through fields, hills, mountains, and valleys. Take your time and truly take in your surroundings.

Hike The Epic Coastal Mountain Traversal Path

If you’re looking for top things to do in Montenegro for adventurers, few things beat the Coastal Mountain Traversal Path. This sensational 180-kilometer hiking trail runs from Mount Orjen in northern Montenegro to Bar in the south. On the way, you’ll pass major attractions like Mount Lovcen and Lake Skadar. It’s the ultimate Montenegro backpacking trip. Much of the terrain is extremely rugged, however, so make sure you have proper hiking gear and orientation skills.

Walk The Herceg Novi Esplanade

The green city of Herczeg Novi is renowned for its mimosa trees and other greenery. The old town is packed with fantastic 15th and 16th-century architecture with the Spanjola and Forte Mare fortresses – a must see. Once you’ve explored the former town head for the Herceg Novi esplanade for a walk along this 6km thoroughfare in the early evening when it comes to life.

Skiing At Zabljak

Montenegro’s most popular winter sports region is without a doubt Zabljak, set in the Dinaric Alps. Durmitor Mountain is the highest peak, and here you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in abundance during the winter months. There are several ski schools around here, with many hotels and après ski fun to be had.

Paragliding In Becici

Just south of Budva you will find the beach resort of Becici, and one of the most popular activities in the town is paragliding. Head into the sky and enjoy the panoramic views of the coastline and mountains in the backdrop. Possibly not for the faint-hearted, but a great activity to enjoy when looking for something a little different.